I Ended Up Spending the Summer with Some Computer Nerds

Of course I am almost a computer nerd myself, but it is a lot harder for me than it is for these guys. They write code the way that birds fly or fish swim. I usually do not know what to think about them especially after I realize that have been writing algorithms and trading bitcoin on the bitcoin evolution official app. Obviously a lot of people buy that stuff as an investment, but that is not exactly what you have going on here. They mine the stuff and then they started to trade it based on whether they believed the price would go up or down. Obviously they buy when they think it has gone down as far as it is going to go and conversely when they think the price has risen all that it shall, they sell. If you are right, then obviously you can make a ton of money doing it and they seem to have convinced a lot of rich people that they know what they are doing.

I am quite amazed by how much money I have made from what was basically the money I did not pay on rent for a couple of months. I got into a dispute with my landlord, who always reeked of gin, and I spent a couple of months sleeping in friend’s living room. When summer rolled around they invited me to follow them out to the central California coast. I had never heard of this place before, but it is really nice and secluded. All of the neighbors seem to be retired people and I doubt that they like the noise we make on the nights we decide to party. Of course most of our parties are really nerdy, these guys have coding contests for fun. I kid you not.